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David B. Hartdorn, A.I.A., L.L.C

Architect & Planner



Bachelor of Architecture 1983 from the New Jersey School of Architecture at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Professional licenses in Architecture and Planning with a minor in Solar Energy. Licenses held in the states of New Jersey and New Mexico. Membership in professional societies and civic organizations are held with award status and recognition received for architectural, planning, and civic services. 

Project types range from small and simple to large and sophisticated with an emphasis on unique and strong formed design solutions for residential single and multi family inland and waterfront buildings, commercial office buildings, retail buildings, industrial buildings, and space planning.

Project locations have been throughout the state of New Jersey's metropolitan and shore areas, as well as the state of New Mexico. 




Design Philosophy

From inception the firm has had the opportunity to provide design services for a wide range of building and user types leading to a comprehensive experience range. The art of architecture is to provide a design solution meeting the intended program with exceeded expectations.


Design Phase

Dynamically the most exciting part of the project is the growth of a thought to a realized goal on paper waiting to be constructed. Available design services can be minimal to a full service thru coordination with consultants.


Construction Phase

Time to watch your dream come alive. Available construction services can be minimal as well as a full service range is available thru coordination with consultants.

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